Gone In 60 Escape Games

Frequently Asked Questions

The What

Is this a haunted house? 

No, Gone In 60 Escape Games are just that -  escape games. Our rooms are very immersive though and may have a “creepy” factor to it. You will enter the room with the rest of your team and then be given sixty minutes to solve the puzzles and clues scattered throughout the room to escape. You will be directly interacting with many aspects of the environment inside the room such as: touching things, moving things and opening things. There are no lines to follow or set paths to traverse; just a room full of clues, items and puzzles.

Am I actually going to be locked in a room?

Yes and no. You will be in a room with a locked door, but every door is equipped with an emergency exit button and at any time should you feel the need to leave the room you are welcome to do so. However, leaving the room early / prior to finishing all the clues will disqualify you from the game.

What do we get if we escape in time?

The thrill of victory!
Ultimate bragging rights!
Win or lose, the experience itself is fun, but those who escape understand how awesome it is to conquer their mission. Also, all teams will be memorialized in our photo vault and will have the option of purchasing their own souvenir photo. 

Are the games physically demanding?

The games are not strenuous. There is a small amount of bending and stretching required, and you may have to lift light objects.

What should I bring?

Nothing but your A-game! All players will be asked to leave their belongings (bag, keys, phone, etc.) in our secure, locked area. You will not be allowed to use anything you bring into the room with you (pens, papers, etc...). Everything you need will be provided for you.

Cell phones and cameras are prohibited in the game areas. Use of any prohibited items will end the game immediately.

The When

When should I arrive for my reservation?

Arriving 15 minutes prior to your reserved time is required for the check-in process. 

What happens if I arrive late?

Since we have several bookings throughout the day, we cannot delay the start time. If you arrive late, you will not be permitted to join the room, and no refund will be issued.

Are walk-ins welcome?

We accept walk-ins during normal business hours. However, depending on other bookings, your wait may be 30 minutes or more. We strongly encourage all game reservations be pre-booked online prior to the scheduled game time.

The Who

How many people can play at once?

Our rooms require 2 people minimum with a maximum of 8 to play.

Will there be people I don't know in the room with me?

This will depend on which booking option you choose. We have both public and private booking options.

  • Public booking:
    When you book a public room, other people may book in that room as well. It all depends on the number of bookings. For example, the total available slots are eight at the time you make your reservation and you only purchase four of them, then four slots will be available for purchase by others. These slots will not necessarily be filled, but there is a possibility that others may buy those tickets. Most people have a great time regardless and tend to meet new friends when the situation does arise.
  • Private booking:
    A private booking guarantees the room is yours (for the time slot booked). This means no one else can book in that room. You are required to purchase all available tickets (8) to book a private room. All eight spots are yours to fill or not.
Are there age restrictions?

Adults of any age are welcome. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If you have a party with two or more children under the age of 13, it is recommended that you book an entire room.

Waivers are required by all who participate. When booking online, you will be asked to sign a digital waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 will need it signed by their parent or legal guardian. Infants and toddlers will not be allowed in the room.

We would like to organize a corporate team building event. What should we do?

Please call 309.419.2461 or hello@gonein60.com to discuss your event. We would prefer you contact us to coordinate your event, however, you are welcome to book online as well.


Are cell phones permitted?

Cell phones and other electronics devices cannot be used while you are inside the rooms. You will be required to leave personal belongings in our secured area prior to playing. Everything you need to solve the puzzles is contained within the room itself. This practice is for your own benefit as we want to ensure a complete, immersive experience for all our players.

Can I discuss my experience on social media?

Since we do not want to diminish the experience for other guests, revealing any details about the rooms, puzzles and clues on your social media pages is prohibited. However, we highly encourage tagging, sharing, and reviewing on our channels. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Trip Advisor.

Will I have to sign a waiver? 

For insurance purposes, all participants must sign a waiver. In addition, you will be required to agree to our Terms & Conditions before playing.







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