The Games

Our escape room games are designed to be visually stimulating as well as intellectually challenging. They are great for team building, bonding, client development, social groups, friends night out, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette, family fun and any other group, teams, and/or organizations who like to have fun while using their brain.



The Morgue

You just found out that your friend has committed suicide. You are consumed by grief yet you can’t shake the feeling that something is…off. You knew your friend quite well so you have very good reason to believe she didn’t take her own life. You bravely enter the Potter County Morgue in hopes to find the evidence needed.

Can you discover the truth and prove your theory before the Coroner returns?

DISCLAIMER: THIS ROOM HAS ADULT THEMES/CONTENT AND IS MEANT FOR MATURE AUDIENCES. Please consider this carefully when booking for a minor since there are no refunds.

Capacity: 2-8 players
Recommended team size: 5-7
Duration 60 minutes
Varied Lighting
Harder than Contagion



The Contagion

Dr. Virgil Adams, a biomedical engineer, has a vision of a creating a better world by population control. He has successfully created a catastrophic virus called NSM that will wipe out more than half the earth’s ever-growing population. He plans to start here in the US.

Discover his plan for transmitting the deadly disease from clues in his lab and you may stop the spread before it’s too late.


Capacity: 2-8 players
Recommended team size: 5-7
Duration 60 minutes
Low Lighting
Periods of Darkness
Harder than Coven



New Story and Puzzles coming Soon

The Coven

Great Aunt Sarah has unfortunately passed away and you have inherited her estate which includes a house in the woods that no one in the family knew about. Reluctantly, you drive out to the middle of nowhere to investigate your new property. Once inside, a mysterious voice locks you in.

Can you complete the trials and spells to prove your mastery or will you be locked inside forever?

Capacity: 2-8 players
Recommended team size: 4-6
Duration 60 minutes
Dim lighting
Easier than Contagion