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What is an escape game/escape room?

It is a game where you and your team (up to 8 people) are given 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and clues scattered throughout a room (in which you are locked in) in order to escape. Each room is themed with a story, mission, or scenario for you to solve. Check out our themed rooms, The Contagion, The Coven and our newest room – The Morgue. You will be directly interacting with many aspects of the environment inside the room such as touching, moving, and opening objects while working with others to solve the room.

Is this like a haunted house?

No, Gone In 60 Escape Games are just that –  escape games. Our rooms are very immersive though and may have a “creepy” feel.  The Morgue Escape Room game has a disclaimer for mature audiences.

Am I actually going to be locked in a room?

Yes!  You will be put in a room and the door will lock. We want it to feel real!  However, for safety, it is equipped with an emergency exit button. At any time should you feel the need to leave the room you are able to do so with Gamemaster approval.  However, pressing the emergency stop button will end the game for the entire group. Ie. Game Over!

What do we get if we escape in time?

The thrill of victory! Ultimate bragging rights!
Win or lose, the experience itself is the fun part, but those who escape understand how awesome it feels to conquer the mission. Also, all teams are showcased on social media, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

What should I wear? Is it physically strenuous?

The games involve searching a small room for up to 60 minutes. This means you could be standing for that length of time. There are places to sit in each room if needed. There is also the possibility of needing to bend, stretch, or crouch.  Remember, the game is a team effort so if one person is physically unable to do a task another teammate should be able to help. Our facilities are handicap/wheelchair accessible.

Do I need to bring anything?

Everything you need will be provided for you in the rooms. All players will be asked to leave their belongings (bag, keys, phones*, etc.) in our lockers (locks are provided).  Things like reading glasses and covered drinks are allowed inside the room.

*Use of any prohibited items will end the game immediately.



How many people can play at once?

Each room must have at least 2 people and a maximum of 8 to play. Our rooms are designed for 4-6 players. Trying to fit more than 8 people in a room becomes a safety risk and leaves players without enough to do – and that is no fun for anyone! Since each of our rooms can hold up to 8, we can have 24 people play at the same time. If you would like assistance planning for larger groups, please give us a call.

Is it appropriate for children?

Children 8 years of age and up are welcome to play with family. Even so, there are some “creepy” elements of the game including supernatural themes, dim lighting, periods of darkness, and more. Lack of maturity, focus, and safety risks is the main reason for age restriction and for this reason, large groups of kids are cautioned. Waivers are required to be signed by a parent/guardian. Please remember that these games are intended to be fun but also include a level of immersion that is meant to produce anxiety, fear, and intrigue!

Minors 16 and under must be accompanied in the room by an adult.

Note: The Morgue escape room has adult themes and content. It is meant for mature audiences. For this reason, please consider this very carefully when booking for a minor.

Will there be people I don’t know in the room with me?

This will depend on which booking option you choose. When there are 8 spots available you can choose whether to book a private room or leave it shared. The likelihood of playing with others is higher during our busy times, ie. evenings on weekends.

We have both public/shared and private booking options.

Public/Shared booking:

When you book a shared room, other people may book in that room as well. When going through the booking process, it is default shared.

For example, there are 8 available spots at the time you make your reservation. You only purchase 4 spots for that booking time. This means 4 spots will be available for others to book.

These slots will not necessarily be filled, but there is a possibility that others may. Most people have a great time regardless and tend to meet new friends when the situation does arise.

If you have already done the room before, please be considerate to others and book a private room.

Private booking:

A private booking guarantees the entire room is yours. This means no one else can book in that room during your timeslot.  All 8 spots are yours to fill or not – the price is the same. When going through the booking process, make sure to select “Private”. 

How much does it cost?

Shared rooms pay per person. Adults are $29 per person. Students are $24 per person. Student status will be verified by date of birth (18 and under) or a valid student ID. Children under the age of 8 cannot play.

Private rooms are a flat rate of $224 regardless of how many players you have.

Taxes and Fees:  A Peoria City Amusement Tax of 3% is added to your booking. When booking online, there is a booking processing fee that is 6% of your total.


Are there any age restrictions?

Adults of any age are welcome. Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the room. If you have a party with two or more children under the age of 13, it is recommended that you book a private room.

Waivers are required to be signed by all who participate. Anyone under the age of 18 will need it signed by their parent or legal guardian. Children under age 8 cannot play.

We would like to organize a corporate team building event. What should we do?

Please contact us at 309.419.2461 or hello@gonein60.com to discuss your event or read more about Team Building events here.


What are your hours?

Our rooms run on a schedule and therefore reservations or bookings are necessary. Please go to the “Book Now” section to view the schedule of availability for each room, The Coven, The Contagion and our newest room, The Morgue. If you do not see a day and time that you need, you may call or email to see if special arrangements can be made.

How far in advance should I book?

We encourage you to schedule your experience as soon as possible to be able to reserve the day and time that works best for you. Reservations can be made within an hour of a booking start time.

What happens if I arrive late?

Since we have several bookings throughout the day, one right after the other, we may not be able to delay the start time. If you know you will arrive late, please call to see if this is going to cause an issue. Being “late” is defined as arriving after your booking time. IF YOU or ANYONE IN YOUR GROUP is LATE, the amount of time you are given to play the game may be reduced or you may not be permitted to join the room at all. We are NOT able to add people to the room after it has started. No refunds will be issued for any reason. If you need to reschedule your booking, please call or email ASAP.


Can I buy gift cards or gift certificates?

Yes! Click here to learn more. 

Are cell phones permitted?

You will be required to leave personal belongings in our secure locker area prior to playing. Cellular devices and flashlights cannot be used while you are inside the escape rooms. Everything you need is contained within the room itself. This practice is for your own benefit as we want to ensure a complete, immersive experience for all our players.

Can I discuss the details of the rooms with others or on social media?

Since we do not want to diminish the experience for other players, revealing any details about the rooms, puzzles, and clues with others is strongly discouraged. It’s like telling someone the ending of a movie! Sharing any details relating to clues on social media pages is also prohibited.  We do not allow any pictures or video of our rooms. We do highly encourage tagging, sharing, and reviewing our channels. Check us out on FacebookInstagram, and Google.

Will I have to sign a waiver?

For insurance purposes, all participants must sign a waiver. In addition, you will be required to agree to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before playing. WAIVERS are sent via email but available onsite as well.


Each game starts at specific times. For this reason, we are open based on reservation bookings.

  • Click on Book Now at the top of the menu. This will open a new window to our booking system, XOLA.
  • Select the Date you want to come. You can select a date at the top or scroll through our next available times for each room. Be careful as the system will automatically go to the next day we are open if the date you select is not an option. Remember, you can contact us if the day and time you want isn’t available to see if we can accommodate the special request.
  • Select the Room/Game you want.  Remember more info about the rooms is here.
    • Choose the time from the list of available time for that day and room.
    • If a room and time is unavailable it will not show up as an option. If you see less than 8 spots available for a room, that means other people have already reserved spots and it is a “Shared” room.
    • If 8 spots are available, you have to choose whether you want a Private or Shared room.
    • Enter Guest quantity. Remember a student is anyone under 18 or those with a valid college ID to present.
    • Enter name, email, and phone. Your email is important since this is where your confirmation email goes to remind you of your booking and contains important details.
    • Select Add-Ons if you wish.
    • Continue
  • Have a coupon or certificate? Click the phrase ‘Have a code’ and enter it in. It’s always a good idea to bring it in with you too. If you have a coupon without a code, it will be applied in person.
  • Choose to pay the deposit or pay in full*. If you pay the deposit and are booking for other people, you will have the choice to pay separately when everyone arrives. We do not refund for any reason. If you need to reschedule, you must do so 24 hours in advance in order to retain your deposit.  If you cancel instead of rescheduling, your deposit will be turned into store credit for you to call and reserve again.  *For same day bookings, you will be required to pay in full.
  • Enter in payment info and Continue. If you are booking more than 1 room, click Continue Shopping.

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